I recently backed a bag and ran away to Southeast Asia for awhile, I quickly found a crummy motorcycle for $300 and hit the road. After 6,000 km, five countries, and four months, the trip was everything I had hoped it'd be. Innumerable amounts of friendly faces and beautiful places, from scuba diving in the Gulf of Thailand, spelunking in the jungles of Vietnam, floating down the Mekong in Laos, exploring ancient cities in Cambodia or climbing mountain karsts in China's Li River valley. I fell in love with the Emerald Triangle as its called, and put together this collection of moving stills, timelapses and clips to share some of my experiences on the road and hopefully inspire you to get out there too! It is a land which promises to never disappoint!

Music : Pilote - Turtle (Bonobo Mix)

All shot on D800 w/ zooms ranging from 14-400mm. Also a bit of GoPro, edited on AE/Premiere.
Big thanks to Charlie Chappell for the help and guidance on the edit.